Web enabled application development

With the growing adoption of web-enabled applications around the globe business processes have witnessed a revolution, as translated in the way organizations interact with suppliers, distributors, and customers (external and internal). These web-enabled applications ensure that routine processes are made more efficient and less time-consuming, even as highly complex transactions are made possible from anywhere in the world with the click of the mouse.

Successful companies must take advantage of the latest technologies. However, bridging the gap between your older systems and newer technology applications can be a challenge. Web Teks provides web enabled solutions that assist your organization with this transition while maintaining the data and resources provided by the systems you've been using.



Some areas of expertise include:
  • Internet / Intranet / Extranet solutions
  • Client server / desktop applications
  • Database design & development
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Mobile software applications
  • Web based solutions for ecommerce
  • Content Management
  • Document Management