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A typical public web site is live for three years. Whether you are creating a new public web site, system (CMS) will impact your organization both operationally and financially for years to come. DotNetNuke is the leading Web Content Management Platform for Microsoft .NET. The system is a full featured web CMS and application development framework which allows your organization to easily create and maintain fully customized, highly engaging web sites. Built on Microsoft ASP.NET, DotNetNuke allows your organization to leverage its existing Microsoft technology investments to reduce costs and ensure maximum long-term reliability. DotNetNuke provides a number of important benefits that will impact your organization and its ability to build and maintain your web site. The DotNetNuke Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition go even further in providing important capabilities for organizations running web sites which are critical to their success.




DotNetNuke features an open API. The system is modular so it is very easy to change the appearance or functionality of your web site by adding or changing pluggable DotNetNuke apps. A thriving market exists for DotNetNuke apps with more than 8,000 available on Snowcovered.com at highly affordable prices. Free apps are available on the DotNetNuke Forge and a variety of core apps are included in the standard DotNetNuke installation package. Because the API is open, your organization can also develop its own apps to customize the appearance and functionality of your site. Thousands of free and low cost apps provide you with nearly limitless possibilities to create the perfect site for your needs. The free DotNetNuke Community Edition combined with a huge selection of inexpensive apps allows your organization to create a great web site very affordably using standard components. If you need custom development work to create your site, you also avoid the vendor lock-in of proprietary CMS systems which require expensive professional services to code new site functionality. With DotNetNuke, your developers or design firm can easily create custom code to leverage the API.


Ease of Use

DotNetNuke is very easy to use. Non-technical content contributors can learn to add and maintain web pages in minutes and make changes to the site with no IT support. Adding pages, changing page layouts, and adding new features to a page are all easily accomplished with minimal training. Your content contributors will not require IT support for most web site changes so your ongoing operational costs are significantly less. Your users also have much more flexibility to keep the content on your web site fresh which improves the experience of your site visitors.


Our Service in DotNetNuke

  • DotNetuke Setup, installation.
  • Portal Management.
  • Skin conversion from PSD/HTML.
  • Container creation.
  • User Management.
  • Third Party Module Configuration.
  • Custom Module design and development.
  • Upgrade to latest and stable version.
  • Site Maintenance and support.