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Flash Programming

Flash programming creates an interactive website environment. Now days more and more websites are being built on flash. Surely there are concerns with respect to the loading time of flash in websites. But this can be controlled to a certain extent by using the flash tool optimally.

Flash is used for interactive graphics for websites, as well as desktop presentations and games. Macromedia Flash is the key to designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites..

What differentiates Synapse from other offshore web design companies is that it creates unique and innovative designs and ideas to produce eye-catching graphic designs and dynamic Flash programming and action scripting.

We Offer
  • Flash programming
  • Flash scripting
  • Flash demos
  • Logo design
  • Movie design
  • Flash presentations
  • Flash intros

About Us

Jha Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an IT Company for Software Development, Website Development, Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),and lot many IT and IT Enabled Services.


Jha Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Product based company who develops different software products and sell into Market.Jha Technology Pvt. Ltd. is in Website Solutions with SEO Services.

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